Marketing audits for SMEs.

In a world that is increasingly connected, people are becoming oblivious to the noise created by brands, so we help our client’s businesses address this issue by taking an independent and expert view of their activities through our marketing audits, applying a little science to marketing investments.  

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From a broad view marketing audit through to more specialist marketing audits including brand strategy audit, CRO audit and an SEO audit - each of which is aligned with business objectives, defines the barriers to success, identifies the channels to market and unlocks hidden value for future growth. A marketing audit from Shout will mean you're not operating on assumptions and gut feel, ensuring your energy and budget is focused on the channels that matter most.

Shout has developed a number of marketing audits designed to help businesses better understand their marketing performance. Our audits will assess the impact of your marketing investment and provide you with a clear overview of your barriers to success and missed opportunities.

Achieve more, spend less

Our marketing audits generally don’t lead to increased spend and will bring about a re-balance of where your time, energy and budget should be focused.

Benefits at a glance

  • Expert insights and observations on barriers to success
  • Independent, impartial recommendations on new opportunities
  • Evaluation of marketing for commercial accountability
  • Assessment of internal marketing capabilities to deliver on plan
  • Clear plan of attack for re-balancing marketing investment

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audit

Daily searches take place online for products and services just like yours, so the question is, are you missing out on these customers by not being visible on page one of search engine results? Shout's SEO audit will evaluate all SEO aspects of your site that determine how SEO friendly it is and will identify the opportunities that will enable you to dominate search rankings in future. Our SEO audit process includes;

Our SEO audit process includes;

  • Analytical elements
  • Technical elements
  • On-page elements
  • Off-page elements
  • Keyword elements

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Audit

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of turning more of your website traffic into leads. For us to improve your CRO rates, we need to lift the bonnet and get our hands dirty on your website. We'll use industry-leading software and hands-on UX to identify current conversion performance and barriers to greater conversion rates.

Our SEO audit process includes;

  • Analytical elements
  • Content elements
  • Technical elements
  • Brand elements
  • UX/UI elements

Marketing Communications Audit

Shout's Marketing Audit; examines both strategic and tactical aspects of your communications across the marketing environment and looks at how well channel touch points align with your objectives. The purpose of this marketing audit is to assess which of your strategies, messages and tactics are working, which could be enhanced and which are pouring budget down the drain. Our audit recommendations will give you the knowledge and direction to make decisions with confidence;

Our SEO audit process includes;

  • Micro elements
  • Macro elements
  • Strategic elements

Brand Audit

Understanding your brand and why investing in it is important is often overlooked by businesses. Our Brand Audit helps businesses to crystallise the meaning of who you are and why you matter to the world. The Brand Audit will explore the essential 5P's of brand building, which like a stick of rock, will run through your business, ensuring consistency across all your communications.

Our SEO audit process includes;

  • Brand 5Ps definition elements
  • Brand design elements
  • Brand asset elements

Expert and unbiased marketing audits for SMEs

In a world that is increasingly connected, people are becoming oblivious to the noise created by brands, so we help businesses address this issue by assessing their marketing performance through our tailored, expert marketing audits.

Need some digital marketing help to deploy audit findings? No problem!

Our marketing audits are totally unbiased and could therefore include recommendations for any sort of marketing realignment or investment, including all of the digital marketing channels. If you need help in the audit deployment phase, we can help as we have a team of digital marketing experts to call upon who can help plan, manage and optimise your digital sweet spots - the places where your brand can connect with the people that matter.

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