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Addvantage is next generation fuel saving technology that improves fuel economy and results in reductions of harmful emissions. Shout was tasked with designing a new website and graphics for a touring promotional truck.


The challenge

The fuel saving market is presently crowded with smaller start-up businesses without the accreditations that Addvantage has secured. Addvantage therefore wanted to stand out as a leading player, setting themselves apart with a more professional, impactful image.

Our solution

To really stand out in this market we needed to think big. So what bigger than a 46 ton fully branded promotional truck? Our design team interwove striking graphics with Addvantage's core message, strategically placed for maximum impact. Our team then storyboarded a promotional video that was shot in the United States and featured on the homepage of the newly designed website. The overall approach created a striking and powerful marketing message.

Shout are a joy to work with. They produce first-class design, have good ideas and are a great team. I know I can rely on them to get the job done on time, and to budget. If you're looking for big agency quality, but don't have a big London agency budget, I can't recommend them highly enough. Michael Stevenson - Addvantage

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