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Path Retreats is a global organisation offering transformational courses that redefine the possibilities for people in their relationships, family, work and communities. Path Retreats asked Shout to rebrand the entire group and take the company on its very own transformational journey.

Path Retreat

The challenge

As a global organisation Path Retreats attracts a huge variety of people worldwide of all creeds, ages and backgrounds. This diversity is both the beauty and the challenge of the company. We had to make sure that we created an identity that was welcoming, inclusive, and spiritual at its core, without polarising or excluding. Equally, we had to ensure we reflected the professionalism with which Path Retreats conducts its experiences.

Path Retreat

Our solution

We set off on creating a full scale universal identity, ready to be rolled out globally across all chapters of Path Retreats. We created a visual language inspired by elements of Buddhism and the colours of the natural elements and applied this language across all aspects of the branding – from the new logo to the event banners. Shout are delighted to see Path Retreats reach new heights every year.

Path Retreat
Path Retreat
Path Retreat
Path Retreat Path Retreat Path Retreat Path Retreat

We could not recommend Shout Design enough...if there were 100 stars we would give them! They took the time to understand our company, and create designs that not only reflect who we truly are, but are lovely and appealing. Not only are the designs amazing, but the team are fantastic to work with...professional, talented, and as a bonus - they are really fun, too. Impressed at every turn. Jacquline Mathews - Path Retreats, Global Foundation

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