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Creating playful event spaces for Sony HQ

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PlayStation is one of the world’s leading gaming companies, having produced best-selling consoles and gaming products for decades. Any PlayStation event is always a dream project for the Shout team to collaborate on, so we welcomed the opportunity to work with the entertainment giant.


The challenge

Shout worked closely with creative production agency Wholehearted to design the graphics and DJ booth area for a corporate hospitality suite hosted by Sony PlayStation and Sony Xperia at the UEFA Champions League Final in Milan, Italy in 2016. The event was a score for all who attended.


Our solution

Sony commissioned Shout to design the wall mural and interior space for the launch party of the latest Spider Man game at PlayStation HQ. Using exclusive imagery and sequences of the game set in New York, we amalgamated the images to transform the room into a virtual reality dreamscape, immersing the team in the gritty streets of New York City.

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