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GreenLight DPM is a specialist consultancy providing GDPR and data privacy services. They help organisations manage their data risks in the most efficient way. Shout was commissioned to create the brand and website for this new start up who want to make their mark in this sector.

The challenge

After a strategy session Shout identified the main target market of small and medium sized businesses. However our research also uncovered that some larger companies also outsource aspects of their privacy services, such as the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO). Our challenge was to create a professional looking brand that would appeal to both audiences.


Our solution

We created a smart, minimal design that strikes a balance between having a 'boutique' feel, so as to appeal to the SME market, while also looking professional enough to appeal to the corporate sector. The task was not easy, and involved drawing on instinct and experience rather than a set of design rules.

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